Bellanca 28-92 Photo Gallery
Tail No. Construction No. Location Date of Photo
YR-AHA 903 (ex NX2433) Floyd Bennet Field, NY Circa 1937
Captain Alexander Papana, 30-year-old Roumanian Air Force ace, with his new, specially designed Bellanca tri-motored monoplane, in which he will take off from Floyd Bennet Field, Brooklyn, New York, USA on a non-stop flight, alone, to Paris, France and Bucharest, Roumania, this month. The airplane is powered by two Menasco engines (in either wing) and a Fairchild Ranger engine in the nose of the monoplane. Papana will stop at Paris in a tribute to the tenth anniversary of Colonel Lindbergh's flight over the same Great Circle course. The plane was purchased by popular national subscription in Roumania.