Arrow Sport - (scan - 1997)

Prototype built 1926 by Arrow Aircraft and Motors Corporation of Havelock NE based on design by Swen S. Swanson. Was open-cockpit biplane with dual controls and side-by-side seating for 2. Originally had no interplane struts to tie wing panels together; but they were offered later in the form of N-struts. Manufactured in 3 versions--Arrow Sport 60, Arrow Sport 90, and Arrow Sport Pursuit with 100 hp Kinner engine. Swanson designed other aircraft--borrowing from Arrow design--including Kari-Keen Coupe, Swanson Coupe, and Plymacoupe. Sport also similar to Kreider-Reisner KR-34 and Waco 9. Arrow Sport received type certificate Feb 29 and sold at the factory for $2,900-3,485. Soon became a favorite with "Sunday pilots" who liked side-by- side seating, good vision from the cockpit, and dual controls. Cruised 95 mph, landed 35 mph, and used 4.5 gals/hr for range of 280 mi. Aircraft had unusually wide, split-axle landing gear with wheel tread of 78 in. Wings tapered and built in one piece. Horizontal stabilizer was adjustable in flight from left side of cockpit. Lower wing and ailerons very low to ground and habitually fouled in tall grass in the pasture-type airports then in use.

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