Cessna 180 "Spirit of Columbus" - (scan - 1997)

First produced in 1953. Borrowing some features from Army's L- 19 Bird Dog liaison plane, 180 is rugged 4-seater popular as a bush aircraft in use in most underdeveloped areas of the world as well as in the US. Derived from the Model 120-140 2-seaters introduced 1946-7; and higher hp Model 170. The 180 modified with addition of tricycle landing gear became Model 182; 17,923 had been built through 1978. 180 enjoyed long production run 6100+ built 1953-81) as high performance workhorse in the general aviation category. Spirit of Columbus modified with addition of custom-made interior fuel tanks and personal equipment and survival gear. Mrs. Jerrie Mock, a 38- yr old Columbus housewife with about 750 hrs of flying time, became first woman to pilot an aircraft around-the-world. (When she saw that she was called "Geraldine" in NASM descriptions of the flight she asked Don Lopez to change it to "Jerrie" because "people named Geraldine get airsick.") On 19 Mar 64 she left Columbus and returned 29 days, 11 hrs, 59 mins later on 17 Apr. FAI certified her flight of 23,103 miles as a speed record for aircraft weighing less than 3,858 lbs. After the flight, she never flew her plane again. Later, Cessna exchanged aircraft with her, giving her a later model. For a number of years, Spirit of Columbus was suspended in Cessna factory in Wichita.

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