Grumman TBF-1 "Avenger" - (scan - 1996)

The TBF program began Apr 40 and replaced Douglas TBD Devastator. Was 80-100 mph faster and could carry torpedo internally. Production began Jan 42. Eastern Aircraft, division of General Motors, also built TBF-1 (designated TBM) and 4664 of second main variant, TBF-3. (President Bush shot down in a TBM). Many sub-series also built for various roles including photo- reconnaissance, night reconnaissance with early warning equipment, and transport. British Fleet Air Arm received 958 TBFs, and Royal New Zealand Air Force received 60. First action was Battle of Midway Jun 42, but 5 of 6 shot down without hitting their targets. Attributed to lack of coordination between dive bombers and torpedo bombers. After that, became one of the mainstays of the fleet until end of war. Remained in service until 1954 with many air forces and navies; has also been used as water bomber for fire fighting.

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