Kreider-Reisener KR-34C Challenger - (scan - 1996)

The Challenger is a single engine, three place open-cockpit biplane. Two passengers sat in the front cockpit, while the pilot sat in the rear. It features a steel tube fuselage and wing ribs covered with cotton fabric. The Model C-4C/Kr-34C, the fourth model of the Challenger commercial series was popular as a sports craft and air taxi.

The aircraft displayed here was built in August 1928. It was owned by a succession of 13 people before being donated to the Museum by Albert L. Recick. (Smithsonian caption)

Kreider-Reisner developed series of commercial aircraft designed specifically for fixed-base operators. Were open-cockpit, 3-place aircraft with impressive listing of standard equipment which added up to factory price of $6575. About 160 of 4 models built; about 60 were C-4 models. K-R acquired by Fairchild Aviation Apr 29. Production continued, and model was redesignated Fairchild KR-34C, "34" designating a 3-place, fourth model of KR. Shortly after stock market crash, demand for aircraft also crashed. Although not particularly outstanding in any one category, KR-34C was probably best known for utility and dependability in every-day service. In attempt to move existing inventories of KR-34 after the crash, aircraft were adapted to operate on floats and skis. 6 KR-34CAs turned into fighters for private air forces of provincial Chinese warlords. Sale of 50 to Mexican army contemplated but did not materialize. Fighter version would carry 5 25-lb bombs with 2 .30 caliber machine guns installed to fire through prop.

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