Saab J29 "Flying Barrell" - (scan - 1984)

Second jet fighter produced in Sweden. One of a series of successful Swedish designs followed by 32 Lansen, 35 Draken, and AJ37 Viggen. Nicknamed "The Barrel" because of its stubby fuselage. Designed 1946, became first swept-wing fighter used in western Europe. Went into service 1951 and remained in production until 1956. After first A variant, B series went into production 1953 (increased fuel capacity), C (reconnaissance) and E with different wing and engine. Ffinal version, F, incorporated all improvements of preceding series. Remained in service until 1959 serving as day fighter, photo reconnaissance, and attack fighter. Also used in UN peace-keeping force in Katanga (Congo) 1961, denoted by UN insignia on aircraft. While in service with Royal Swedish Air Force, established 2 official international speed records. 6 May 54, Capt. K-E Westerlund set new world's speed record averaging about 607 mph (977 km/hr) over a 310 mi (500 km) closed circuit. 23 Mar 55, Maj. Hans Meij and Short- Service Pilot Birger Erikson, flying 2 J-29C photo recon planes, averaged about 560 mph (900.6 km/hr) over 620 mile (1,000 km) closed circuit distance. First time 2 planes simultaneously exceeded a world's record.

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