Sopwith Snipe - during restoration (scan - donated)

Designed to replace Camel; came to be considered best Allied fighter in service at time of Armistice. "Custom-built" by Herbert Smith especially for new Bentley BR-2 rotary engine. Camel's general lines echoed in this design; characteristic rounded fuselage even more accentuated in this model and it kept same tailplane. Had 2-bay wings of extended span and more complex struts with wide cut-outs in upper center section to improve visibility. Snipe ordered into production beginning 1918; first aircraft went to France Mar in time to equip 3 RAF squadrons. In operational use, was extremely tough and maneuverable (due in part to gyroscopic forces in right turns), and had excellent rate of climb even though maximum speed not exceptional. Became standard RAF fighter immediately after the war.

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