Sopwith Snipe - after restoration (scan - donated)

Pilot's left hand was usually occupied in adjusting the rotary engine's throttle and fine-adjustment-for- fuel levers on the quadrant on the left side of the cockpit leaving the right hand free for all other duties...but if he took the right hand off the joystick even for a moment the Camel instantly threw its head up in the first part of a loop (tail-heavy)...the rotating mass of the revolving engine and airscrew created a considerable gyroscopic effect....These gyroscopic forces resisted the execution of some manoeuvres but aided others. When turning steeply to the left, the Camel's nose rose, and when turning steeply to the right it was forced down. In the left turn the pilot had to apply bottom rudder to prevent the Camel from stalling. And in a right turn he had to apply full top rudder to prevent it from falling into a spin. Whichever way he turned he had to apply rudder with his left foot.

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