Boeing-Stearman N2S-5 Kaydet - (scan - 1984)

Developed by Lloyd Stearman 1935. Boeing purchased Stearman Company, based in Wichita, 1938 and produced several models until Feb 45. 1941, when all Army aircraft "officially" named, became the "Kaydet." (Although Stearman became Wichita Division of Boeing 1941--when decided to build B-29s there-- trainer continued to be called "Stearman.") Was one of most widely-used primary trainers of the war by US and other countries. Several versions made differing in engines and equipment. PT-27 had enclosed cockpit and was used in Canada and for instrument training. Export versions also delivered to England, China, Peru, and Venezuela. Large number of all models still fly in air shows,as crop dusters, and private aircraft.

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