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Tour Index The front of Building 24, which houses the main entrance at the left
Major changes are underway at the Garber Facility. Although the Dulles Center opening is nearly four years in the future, aircraft that will be displayed there need to have work done on them now. That means that many of the aircraft hanging at Garber have to come down and will take up more of the already limited floor space. Further, work has already started on preparing others for shipment, all of which also disrupts buildings for tours. In addition, upgrades to the buildings are in process for both future NASM storage as well as that of other Smithsonian museums. Therefore, the NASM staff reluctantly made the decision to close some of the buildings that have been on tour. For the foreseeable future; Buildings available for tours will vary almost daily, but the staff will endeavor to keep as many open as possible for the enjoyment of the public.

Some of the changes going on at present are as follows: The Seiran is about done (it's on its floats and just waiting for a few small details and its stand). The Nieuport is due be finished in a few months. The Hurricane is in the paint shop, and the MiG-15 is getting its markings. The 'Enola Gay' aft fuselage will be moved out within a couple of weeks. Some of the changes coming in building 24 will be the disassembly of the Bellanca CF and Stearman N2S-5 which will be placed in storage.

Scott Willey
March 1,2000
Credit Where Credit's Due

Scott Willey, (USAF ret.) at right in this picture next to Gary Hethcoat (the creator of the Garber Virtual Tour), is one of Garber's best docents, and a hell of a nice guy. He has been instrumental in putting these pages together. He personally took 2/3 or more of the pictures on this site. He is very generous with his time and enthusiasm -- Gary literally could not have done it without him. The entire aviation community and The Aviation History On-Line Museum thank him deeply.